7 de May de 2020

How to start

Follow these steps:

1. Sharing: Project’s work-package

Company profile: All you need to do is just to fulfill the Issue-Form. This information provides us details to find out a better match for Collaborative Teamwork and Designing Project to address learnability and execution capacity.

2. Engaging: Collaborative Teamwork

Practitioners profile (students or experts): As an individual, you should inform us which skills want to develop under Experience-Form and how long.  Designing a collaborative cluster to work on the project’s activities by figuring-out squads and sprints.

Squads, we build it up to maximize knowledge sharing and productivity.
Sprints, we design stories to develop into run-cycle that best fit demanding feature characteristics.

3. Designing:  Project and Collaboration Practices

Herein the approach to flow by journey’s practices that execute-learn project work-package through the “design-in-action” framework.

Each strategy objectives informed could be reframing and designed for a new delivery, it depends on the innovation setup required.

     3.1 Innovation Canvas Execution

By practicing ideation to mapping gaps and build-up a service/product roadmap.

     3.2 Microsoft Edison365 Implementation

Managing ideas and engagement teamwork. All project and teamwork hub collaboration is implemented using Office365 or alternatives platforms. This collaborative cluster provides an environment to share project activities.

     3.3 Report Analysis

The result-set data and process-mining analysis.  Checking execution capacity and organizational learnability.


Actives Projects and Teamwork

List of Active Projects and Teamworks.

Check the map of on-going projects and established collaborative teams, running squads, and sprints projects.

Image: Foresights project impact.



  • Research Projects Business-Academia new approach
    • Faculties contribution learning by shared alumni practical-issues
  • AI impact in the paper research model
    • Data-driven template API connection to colletive-wide findings
  • Online fast-pace learning contribution by project-based education model
    • Tech skills improvements
  • Collaboration network effective work models
    • GIC economy project resource allocation