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Recently, gasoline prices have skyrocketed, and a growing number of people are seeking to hypermiling as a way to save gas. Since 2006, this gas saving way is slowly gaining popularity. This technique is known as hypermiling in the United States, also Ecodriving at Europe.

Followers of the hypermiling trend are called hypermilers. Hypermilers are specialists at making every drop of gasoline work to its full potential. Hypermilers are known to get around 100 miles per gallon (mpg) in their cars.

Listed below are ten techniques that can help you get the best mileage from your vehicle.

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1. Accelerate gradually. Drive as though you have an egg between your foot and the gas pedal.

2. Drive slowly, and keep within the speed limit. Driving at slower speeds can significantly boost your mph. Using hypermiling techniques will sometimes cause drivers behind you to have aggravated, but smile at them and know that you're saving gas. Use your judgement as to if you're creating a traffic hazard by driving slowly.

3. Prevent unnecessary braking.


5. Keep your vehicle by changing the oil and air filters frequently and use the lightest weigh motor oil recommended.

6. Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. Flat tires make drag and slow your car or truck down.

7. Set your car on a diet program. Dispose of all the junk and unnecessary items which are in your trunk and lying all over the vehicle.

8. Plan your route. Longer routes may actually be better if they prevent lights and stop signs. Avoiding construction zones can minimize stop and go driving. Many local television stations give traffic information as part of their news cast. These traffic updates will allow you to stay away from construction areas and injury sites.

9. Coast down hills. Slowly accelerate if you approach a hill, and keep your speed climbing the hill. Once reaching the crest of the hill, shift your car to neutral (if it is safe to do this ) and coast down the other side of this hill. This ability takes practice and can a be bit scary when you first try this technique.

10. It goes without saying, the more additional options you have in your car, the more power necessary to move the vehicle. Hypermiling advocates recommend that you avoid the use of your air conditioner, but do not drive with the windows open more than a crack. Open windows create more of a drag on the automobile than using the air conditioner.
Other than the method of coasting down hills, all these hypermiling tips have been suggested for ages. Make a conscious effort to utilize these tips and your fuel economy will improve.

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You want to use common sense when using a few of these techniques. If you find a line of traffic building behind you, pull over when safe and allow those motorists to maneuver.
All these hypermiling tips can be utilized with any type of automobile. SUV's and large cars can gain from using these methods, but they work best together with the new hybrid cars and smaller cars. Assessing these techniques can lead to a noticeable savings in fuel expenses.



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