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Estimation of Speed in Design Teams: Implementation of Agile Tools for Retail & Construction Management

Hugo Sanchez Vicente, Manuel Soler Severino, Alfonso García Santos


Duplication of design teams in construction projects in the retail sector generates a constant feedback between the client’s team and the local engineering team, appearing down times associated with the validation of the deliverables by both teams. Any delay in a delivery, conditions the planned pace of work of production-validation-production. In order not to jeopardize the opening date, production times are adjusted on the fly, which motivates the search of planning tools less rigid than the traditional ones. Adjustment of deadlines involves reducing the quality of the deliverables, given the need to produce with the same resources in less time. As a result, the design deficiencies cause an increase of change orders in later phases. In this article, we propose the implementation of agile metrics to measure the speed of production of the design team and solve the identified deficiencies.


Agile; Retail; Project Management; Construction Management; Architecture Teams


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