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Designing and Integrated Project, Program and Portfolio System - A Case Study of Healthcare

Richard Grönevall, Mike Danilovic


Healthcare organizations are subject to an increasing complexity in the management of patient information. The modern healthcare system is developed through large-scale projects. The complexity is rapidly increasing but the lack of coordination between projects in relation to performance is critical. The contemporary approach following the traditional project related approach is insufficient and obsolete and the underlying interconnectivity between elements in a multi-project environment can be used to explore new compositions of projects, programs and portfolios. By a systematic approach in managing interdependencies based on exploring the flow of information between projects at three different levels and two major outcomes can be concluded. In our systematic DSM/DMM approach we explore how projects can be organized in programs and in portfolios.


Project management, Program management, Portfolio management, Complexity, Multi-project management, Healthcare Information management, PPM, DSM, DMM


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