Improving business process management for product-centric service organization: the case of aerospace maintenance project

Adrianne Moreira, Darli Rodrigues Vieira, Alencar Bravo, Christophe Bredillet


Aerospace maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organization is a complex process that has elements of the traditional manufacturing industry and service industry. One of the challenges is to recognize the balance of strategic goals between both sides. Because aerospace maintenance has strict and high-quality requirements defined by airworthiness regulations, this paper focuses on improving a service-oriented process adaptation to quality regulations and customer demands with business process management approaches. The paper studies the role of business process management to improve process flexibility and performance. A case study of a large corporation is conducted to identify the business process management (BPM) context of the organization and process activities through interviews and participant-observation techniques. The methodology and BPM approach are valuable ways to improve process flexibility to achieve performance goals.


Business process management, Aeronautical industry, MRO, Maintenance, Case study


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