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Multi-Domain Matrix As A Framework For Global Product Development Project Process

Sonia Kherbachi, Qing Yang, Yoo Suk Hong


The global product development (GPD) project is complex and there is a need to integrate a specific communication process among teams involved in the project. In each stage of a GPD project, effective and efficient communication becomes a core issue. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a multi-domain structure matrix (MDM) enables the systematic identification of interdependencies, explores the teams communication process in GPD. This paper presents a tool to identify efficient communication process map and technical communication for each function of the overall project. The outcomes of this process are identifying teams’ communication process as an efficiency requirement for a GPD project, and MDM analysis as a methodology of managing complex process structure.


Global product development project, multi-domain matrix (MDM), communication process, communication process map, technical communication


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