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Project Management and Lean Engineering: An INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION

Toufik Boudouh, Samuel Gomes, Jérémy Boxberger


This paper describes a project management methodology, implemented using a PLM system. The objective of this methodology is to streamline the product development process by introducing Lean Engineering techniques in project management. We are interested specifically in routine design which represents in some companies more than 80% of the design activity. Thus, reducing these tasks will allow more time for innovative design. The methodology was applied in a SME in which two types of projects where identified: long projects and short projects. For each type, a project management model was developed and implemented in the PLM tool. This allows faster initiation of projects in which project planning is automatically performed. Hence, non-added value tasks in project planning were identified and reduced. The use of the PLM tool allows also taking into account the manufacturing issues since the design phase.



project management models; PLM; lean engineering; SME

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