8 de June de 2016

Second Opinion


In the economy shared model JMPM offering services platform to share PM knowledge from experts and team members on cloud.

A platform that provide on your finger tap access to a wide range PM field specialized assistance.

Solving PM challenges on a fast, easy and cheap way.


Why Project LIVE?

Main proposal:  Project LIVE is a Collaborative Platform to enable on-demand competence share based on cloud service from experts, suppliers, team members as well pairs roles industry.


Focus: A problem-solving approach to cope issues raised during project timeline.


How: A project leader dynamically create issues by Project LIVE App features and share it on cloud with experts, teams, pairs role in a private session meeting scheduled.


Benefits: Extend team limitation competence on-the-fly project run through expert allocation to provide Second Opinion about issues or even to request external job task.


Results: Improve project team regarding Change Capacity & Timing-Response & Responsive Team



  • New way to labor effort allocation – saving;
  • Sharing expensive resources – experts (like UBER; Airbnb)
  • Flexible organizational structure
  • Network scale more power than individual to solving critical resource lack – issue on cloud.
  • Start-up formula experience into traditional companies model – oxygen supply to innovation.