Paper: Project Risk Management in R&D Organizations


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Project Risk Management in R&D Organizations

: A Survey on Risk Register from Korean companies

ChangHan Ryu; Su Young Lim; Minsuk Suh

Graduate School of Technology & Innovation Management, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea – Seoul

This study surveyed over 200 Korean R&D organizations—enterprises, institutions, and universities—on perceptions of risk management; their risk management policies; the usability of Risk Registers; factors behind declines in Risk Register usage; the perception of Risk Registers by users; and a strategy to improve the usability of Risk Registers. The main premise is that risk management rests on the balance between probability and impact. Based on this premise, the study analyzes the components of Risk Registers used in Korean enterprises and foreign enterprises; from these findings, a Risk Register Template is proposed for the use of Korean R&D organizations.


Keywords: R&D, Project risk, Risk management, Risk register.

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