22 de May de 2016

Core Business

We provide a solution for execution capacity and learnability by designing a project-based initiative approach.

A platform micro-services aggregation that supplies collaboration teamwork into sandbox space.  Promoting learnability in a safe environment without risky situations for a company.

The solution services are mainly composed of practices and software to:

1- Project Design Service

The Project-based business approach provides services related to:

  • Design flexibility and agility to project organization and execution capacity.
  • Change capacity and time-to-respond over the project lifecycle.
  • Design platform that provides on-demand PM competencies.


2- Design Collaborative-Team Service

The collaboration workforce provides a new capacity for creativity and effective solution concept:

  • A platform that provides design PM competencies analysis.
  • Specialized project management skills on a problem-solving approach.
  • An experts hub marketplace that provides a collaborative online platform.


3- Learnability Services

A set of services for support subjects-matter development.

  • Specialized publishing content to improve competencies – bridging business-academia ecosystems.
  • Practical courses: workshops, training, online sessions – design practices.
  • Advisory: contextualized exchange knowledge.


The main purpose is to support companies continuously innovation execution capacity having a sandbox space to designing project-based microservices, it means a short-cycle experience of practical learning.

We provide an approach to breaking down activities into packages and collaboration teams by API micro-services aggregation platform. A solution for a range of companies from large-sized to startup one, that can easily try out design a small-package project execution to validate the business hypothesis and learn.